"Tonight is All Ours" Basket

Monte delle Vigne’s Rubina bright sparkling rosé with a warm citrous finish.
It is being paired with Chocolate Secrets‘ Orange Cointreau bon-bon and
Raspberry Truffle.


The Orange Cointreau bon-bon has a dark chocolate ganache infused with a
classic Cointreau. The pairing causes the Rubina's rich and fruity orange and
grapefruit notes explode on the palate.


The Raspberry truffle is a rich dark chocolate with a
raspberry puree’ blended into a dark chocolate
ganache, pairing the two smooths out and brings
to light the rich decadence of the Rubina for a
smooth yet rich mouth feel.

The Fattori 36 is a wonderfully unique sparkling wine.
Being paired with Chocolate Secrets‘ Coconut Truffle
and Passion Fruit Kiss bon-bon.


The Coconut Truffle has shredded coconut, with a
coconut pure added to a white chocolate ganache
for balance. This pairing gives you the flavor profile
of a fresh mojito, while smoothing the Fa􀆩ori out
as well as bringing the crisp citrous notes to
the surface.


The Passion Fruit Kiss bon-bon has a milk
chocolate ganache blended with fresh
passion fruit puree’ and a hint of mango.
The pairing causes the Fattori 36 to have
a warm and smooth mouth feel with just
a spark of vibrant fruits on the finish.

"Tonight is All Ours" Basket

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